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Curriculum Implementation

Our Curriculum is implemented with our Curriculum Intent at the heart of all we do at Thornton Primary School.


Curriculum maps are produced for each year group ensuring clarity of coverage with a strong emphasis on progression of knowledge and skills.  Carefully selected enrichment opportunities are key to providing all pupils rich experiences to enhance their learning.  Developing an understanding of the fundamental British values infiltrates aspects of the curriculum and assembly themes.


Our curriculum design is based on evidence from principles of learning, on-going assessment and organisation and cognitive research. (EEF research, Cognitive Science, Psychological Science)
These main principles underpin this:

  • Start from a learner’s existing understanding. 
  • Involve the learner actively in the learning process. 
  • Develop the learner’s overview, i.e. metacognition – this requires that students have a view of purpose, have an understanding of the criteria of quality of achievement, and self-assess.  (EEF Metacognition and Self-regulation of learning).   
  • Emphasis the social aspects of learning (i.e. learning through discussion) as these make a unique contribution to learning. (EEF research Collaborative Learning).  

Curriculum organisation and timetabling enable learners opportunities for constant recapping of knowledge and skills with well-spaced reviews. (interleaving and addressing the forgetting curve).

We deliver a coherently planned curriculum with a progressive development and understanding of key knowledge, skills and concepts, which will be re-visited regularly.  Some of our content is subject specific whilst other content is combined in a cross-curricular approach enabling us to put knowledge into context.  The use of Knowledge Organisers provide transparency within the curriculum - an overview of pre-teach content and also a means of tracking knowledge, skills and understanding of concepts which are regularly re-visited in the form of a variety of retrieval exercises.  This regular revisiting enables knowledge to be committed to long-term memory.  
On occasion, topic headings may occur on a rotation depending of class sizes/organisation of year groups.  This is carefully tracked by Subject Leaders to ensure topic content is not repeated, the progression of key knowledge and skills in still maintained and also that content is differentiated for different age groups when necessary.


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