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School Uniform

All uniform orders can now be placed and paid for online via the Just Schoolwear website. Please click here:


We shall keep a small stock of Book Bags and PE bags in school for you to buy, but these can also be purchased online. Delivery of your items can then be made either to your home address or to the school.


We shall no longer be using Tesco for the supply of the school uniform.

The Governors of Thornton Primary School have decided that there is an expectation that children will wear school uniform for the following reasons:

  • to foster respect and pride in appearance;
  • to help establish a positive attitude to school;
  • to differentiate between leisure and school time and associated expectations;
  • to help reinforce the sense of belonging and corporate identity;
  • to encourage children to recognise what the outside world expects;
  • to prepare children for secondary school.


The basic and other acceptable items of school uniform are listed below.


Boys                                            Girls

Sweatshirt in royal blue             Sweatshirt or Cardigan in royal blue with

with embroidered badge         embroidered badge

Shirt, Polo or T-shirt                     White/blue blouse, polo shirt or T-shirt

(white/blue)                                         Grey or dark skirt, pinafore dress or trousers

Grey or dark trousers                 Summer uniform: Blue check/striped dresses


The following items are NOT considered appropriate school wear:

Jeans, football shirts/shorts, designer shoes or clothing, e.g. high heels, platform-soled shoes, crop tops, shoe string strapped tops, etc. some of these are not only immodest, but also unsafe.






Outdoor Black Shoes for both boys and girls                             

Indoor Black Shoes for both boys and girls (Plimsolls acceptable – these stay in school)


High heeled shoes or thigh length boots are not suitable for wearing in school, under any circumstances. Staff must also think about the appropriateness of the shoes they wear.


Ordering Uniform


School uniform can be ordered directly from our current supplier Just Schoolwear at  Delivery of your items can then be made either to your home address or to the school.  Delivery to school is free of charge but not to home.  P.E Bags and Book bags are kept in stock at school and can be ordered through the school office.


PE kit

  • White, school logo, ‘T’ shirts are expected for PE together with black shorts.
  • Clean trainers are required for indoor PE
  • Trainers are required for outdoor exercise. If appropriate, these can be the shoes that the child wears generally for outdoors.
  • Jewellery should not be worn for PE, games or swimming.  If a child is unable to remove their jewellery, it may be covered with microporous tape during the activity.
  • Parents are advised to provide their child with a lightweight waterproof jacket or tracksuit top for outdoor activities if they are in KS2 classes.
  • PE Kit should stay in school for the whole term in Reception and KS1 and should go home to be washed in the holidays.
  • KS2 children are expected to have their kit in school all week and to take it home to be washed all weekend.




Nail varnish, make up and tattoo transfers are not permitted.



If possible, pupils should not wear jewellery of any kind. Wrist watches, however, are permitted.

Children with pierced ears may wear post and simple stud type earrings only.  All ear decorations and watches must be removed for Physical Education lessons. In the rare circumstances that children cannot remove earrings they will need to wear tape to cover them safely.

It is expected that children in Years 3 to 6 will remove their own jewellery prior to a P.E. lesson. As it is unlikely that infant children can remove their own earrings, these children should not wear earrings to school on days when they have P.E. and, preferably, not at all on school days. Staff will not be responsible for bathing ears, removing or replacing earrings. Other forms of jewellery, e.g. necklaces or rings, may constitute a safety hazard and, therefore, will not be permitted.