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Policies and Procedures

Below are two sets of policies, Statutory and Non-Statutory.

Thornton have joined the Symphony Learning Trust, so many of the statutory and some of the non-statutory policies are Trust-wide Policies and will be updated over time. 

Symphony Learning Trust Policies (which are followed at Thornton) can be accessed below and by clicking here.







  • Parents have a right to have their concerns heard by the class teacher. The Complaints Policy clearly outlines the procedures which teachers must undertake in order to deal with parental concerns.
  • Complaints will be dealt with in the first instance by class teachers. Support staff should not directly tackle complaints or concerns but will direct the parents to the class teacher.
  • We try to ensure that concerns are dealt with by class teachers. If a concern becomes more serious and/or does not reach a satisfactory conclusion, the Head teacher may become involved. The policy (and the recording forms) give the guidance for staff about this process:


Please refer to the school’s Complaints Policy for more details (can be found on the website at The school follows the Symphony Learning Trust Complaints Policy.

A copy of the complaints procedure is also available at the School Office on request.

Thornton Non-Statutory Policies