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Phonics and Reading



At Thornton Primary School we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics programme. More details can be found on the website below. 'Letters and Sounds' goes through 6 phases which children will primarily focus on in the Foundation Stage and KS1.

Reading Olympics 2020

To promote the importance of reading we have started a whole school ‘Reading Olympic Challenge’. All of the children were issued with an Olympic Reading Card. The Olympic Challenge is designed to encourage children to read to others at home, to gain both ‘Joint Class Rewards’ and to achieve their own personal ‘Olympic Reading Award’.


When your child reads for a minimum of 5 minutes they will need to complete the ‘Olympic Reading Card’ by filling in the title of the book read, the date and ask for a parent/carers signatures (or in the case of our younger children an adult will need to fill it in for them). When your child has completed a row they will get their card ticked by the teacher/teaching assistant and then the 25 minutes (at least) reading time will get entered onto their class chart. When each child in the class has read for at least 25 minutes at home, they gain a ‘class reward’ which has been chosen by the class. This continues for 50, 75, 100 minutes etc.


Children can only complete one box per day. When a child has read for a minimum of 75 minutes they will receive a bronze award, a minimum of 100 minutes they will receive a silver award and a minimum of 150 minutes for the gold award, as long as they are reading a variety of genres.


After the success of Reading Olympics, we designed a Reading Olympics 2 with three new levels for the children to complete.


Ruby award: reading 300 minutes at home and completing a book review.

Emerald award: reading 400 minutes at home and completing a presentation to their class on their favourite book or author.

Diamond award: reading 500 minutes at home and completing a presentation to either: the whole school (KS2) or the children in key stage one (KS1).

Reading Olympics

Reading schemes


At Thornton Primary School we have a range of reading books which the children use as 'home reading books'. These schemes include Collins Big Cat, Rigby Rockets, Oxford Reading Tree and Oxford Reading Project X. We also encourage children to borrow books from our school library and read a variety of their own books at home. 




Useful Phonics Websites for Thornton Parents

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Activities for all phases.

Phonic game with choice of difficulty (some HFWs, some vowel blends, very varied).


Make any words with this useful game.

sounds Useful page which demonstrates pronunciation of all sounds.

Home and library banded books