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Absenses and Illnesses

If your child is absent from school please ring the staff in the school office first thing in the morning on 01530 230250 or leave a message on the answering machine.

Alternatively you can email our office staff at


If your child is in attendance and requires medication please go to the school office to complete an Administration of Medication form (attached below). This allows our First Aid trained staff to administer medication to your child(ren) in school when required. 

If your child requires an Administration for Asthma, please come into the school office to complete the attached form. 

This will allow our trained First Aid staff to administer oral medication for Asthma to your child. 

Parents are expected to adhere to the following guidelines in the event of their child contracting particular illnesses / conditions:


​​​​​​​Until blisters have all crusted over or skin healed, usually 5-7 days from onset of rash.


​​​​​​​Parents/carers expected to administer relevant creams.  Stay off school if unwell.


​​​​​​​Nausea without vomiting.  Return to school 24 hours after last felt nauseous.

​​​​​​​Diarrhoea and / or vomiting

​​​​​​​Exclude for 48 hours after last bout (this is 24 hours after last bout plus 24 hours recovery time).  Please check your child understands why they need to wash and dry hands frequently. Your child would need to be excluded from swimming for 2 weeks.

​​​​​​​German measles / rubella

​​​​​​​Return to school 5 days after rash appears but advise school immediately in case of a pregnant staff member .

​​​​​​​Hand, foot and mouth disease

​​​​​​​Until all blisters have crusted over.  No exclusion from school if only have white spots. If there is an outbreak, the school will contact the Health Protection Unit.

​​​​​​​Head lice

​​​​​​​No exclusion, but please wet-comb thoroughly for first treatment, and then every three days for next 2 weeks to remove all lice. 

​​​​​​​Cold sores

​​​​​​​Only exclude if unwell.  Encourage hand-washing to reduce viral spread


​​​​​​​Until treated for 2 days and sores have crusted over


​​​​​​​For 5 days after rash appears


​​​​​​​For 5 days after swelling appears


​​​​​​​Until treatment has commenced


​​​​​​​Your child can return to school once they have been given their first treatment although itchiness may continue for 3-4 weeks. All members of the household and those in close contact should receive treatment.


​​​​​​​For 5 days until rash has disappeared or 5 days of antibiotic course has been completed

​​​​​​​Slapped cheek

​​​​​​​No exclusion (infectious before rash)


​​​​​​​No exclusion.  Encourage handwashing including nail scrubbing

​​​​​​​Whooping cough

​​​​​​​Until 5 days of antibiotics have been given.  If mild form and no antibiotics, exclude for 21 days.


​​​​​​​Must be given at home by parent or carer.

​​​​​​​Viral infections

​​​​​​​Exclude until child is well and temperature is normal (37 degrees).