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Missing Child

Missing child

Children’s safety is maintained as the highest priority at all times both on and off premises. Every attempt is made through carrying out the exit/entrance procedure to ensure the security of children is maintained at all times. In the unlikely event of a child going missing, our missing child procedure is followed.



Child going missing on the premises

§ As soon as it is noticed that a child is missing the key person/staff alerts the setting leader.

§ The setting leader calls the police and reports the child as missing and then calls the parent.

§ The setting leader will carry out a thorough search of the building and garden.

§ The register is checked to make sure no other child has also gone astray.

§ Doors and gates are checked to see if there has been a breach of security whereby a child could wander out.

§ The setting leader talks to the staff to find out when and where the child was last seen and records this.

§ The setting leader contacts the headteacher and reports the incident. The headteacher comes to the setting immediately to carry out an investigation, with the management committee where applicable.