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Thornton Primary School Geography Curriculum Document

Thornton Primary School History Curriculum Document

Our Recent History Learning 



We have all enjoyed our History learning this term! Year 1 enjoyed a Medieval banquet to celebrate the end of learning about Kings, Queens and Castles. They had a five course tasting menu of ‘medieval themed food’ and some of the class provided some entertainment in between. The children even had a surprise visit from a court jester who entertained us all and took the children outside for a game of skittles. Year 2 enjoyed learning about the games children used to play in the Victorian period. Year 5 enjoyed making Stone Age beads and baby bottles as part of their topic on the Stone Age.



History and Geography 


We've all taken part in some amazing Geography and History topics this year. We've spent time immersing ourselves in the world of the Romans, as well the Anglo-Saxons. We've loved learning about the Mighty Mayans and and the Gunpowder Plot. We've loved becoming incredible historians this year!


Our Geography topics have given us all opportunities to learn about our local area. We've also been transported to the rainforest and learnt about deforestation. Children in some year groups have also spent time learning about the different countries which make up the UK. We've also enjoyed learning about the different types of land use and the differences between rural and urban areas. Some of us have also explored the Himalayas and learnt all about life in the mountains!




This term Year 3 visited New Walk Museum in Leicester as part of their Egyptian topic, Footprints in the Sand. They had a fantastic day exploring all of the artefacts including seeing and learning all about two real mummies! Seeing real, historical artefacts first hand is such an important part of our history learning at Thornton, it brings even ancient events to life for the children! If you haven’t visited New Walk Museum, then we highly recommend it. Where visits are not possible we source replica artefacts so that children can get a deeper understanding of history in all of our topics.


This term Year 3 have been building up their questioning skills. For example, as part of their topic, It’s Freezing, they have looked at photos without being told anything about them. The children made observations and links in their knowledge and generated lots of ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions.  


During the Autumn term, Y4/5 and Y6 fully immersed themselves in their rainforest topic. They had the chance to learn about the different animals and how different the climate is to our own. They also learnt where the different rainforests are in the world and how deforestation is changing the world.