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Speak Out. Stay Safe


This term, children across school took part in the Speak Out. Stay Safe assembly from the NSPCC. There were lots of wonderful suggestions from the children about how to stay safe. Great work!

NSPCC Assembly

Autumn 2022


This term, children across the school have celebrated World First Aid Day by taking part in lots of interactive activities! They learnt the importance of having basic medical skills and how these skills can save lives. Across the school, we have been learning about ways in which we can manage changes. We have all contributed some great ideas and worked as a team to show empathy. 

Mental Health Week 2022


As part of Children's Mental Health week, children and staff at Thornton Primary School raised awareness by taking part in a 'Dress to Express' day. We encouraged children to come into school wearing an outfit that expressed how they feel. On the day the children enjoyed taking part in activities and discussions around mental health and the importance of sharing any worries they have. As the theme this year was 'growing together', children in each class started to grow and water a plant which is now a visual reminder of looking after their own mental well-being!


As a school we raised money for a children's mental health charity called 'Place2be' who support pupils, families and staff in schools around the UK.

Summer 2021


Some of KS1 have spent a great morning in the woods. They were worked well as a team to explore, build dens and fairy gardens before collecting vocabulary using their senses. They had so much fun and they can’t wait to go back again soon! To celebrate Mental Health Week, year 6 enjoyed their scavenger hunt around the school grounds. They had to find a variety of things from something that made them laugh to something that they found unusual.

Beaumanor Hall Residential 2020


What a great time was had by all. The staff on the trip were amazed by how many of the golden learner powers the children demonstrated over the duration of the trip. 


On day 1, the children went on a scavenger hunt over the Beaumanor grounds, collecting natural materials in their plastic wallets. After lunch, they went on a bird trail with a magic pen to hear the different sounds birds make, and to explore different habitats. The afternoon was finished off with pond dipping, with the children catching all sorts of pond wildlife such as fish, snails, and other insects. It was then back to the cabins to relax and get ready for dinner.

Dinner was a delicious roast chicken dinner with all of the trimmings, followed by a chocolate sponge with chocolate sauce for pudding. Once our dinners had gone down, we went out for a reflective walk, using our torches to follow a trail of coloured arrows around the grounds. The children were extremely brave as we were led through the woods, and lots of mud in the darkness.


What better way to start day 2 than with a cooked breakfast. With their tummies now full, the children were greeted by the instructor who led us out into the woods. Whilst in the woods, the children learnt how to tie knots before getting into teams to build their own shelters. The children showed excellent team work, communication and perseverance as they worked together to move large sticks, logs and unfold large plastic sheets. After an hour building, it was time to test the shelters. As the groups got inside, the shelters were tested as to whether they were wind and water proof. Let's just say, some children got a little wet in the water test!


Beaumanor Hall 2020