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Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4!



Teacher: Mr Simpson

LSA: Mrs Quinn

LSA: Miss Ellerton

LSA: Miss Croll


Extreme Earth 


This half-term we have been learning about our planet. We have spent time learning about volcanoes and what happens when they erupt, as well as tsunamis and earthquakes. We have spent time making small versions of volcanoes, as well as tornadoes. In Science, Y3 have been learning about different types of rocks and Y4 have spent time learning about electrical circuits. We have written some fantastic pieces of creative writing and a great non-chronological report about our Extreme Earth topic. In Art, we have produced some wonderful paintings inspired by waves and tsunamis. We've had a great time!



The Rainforest


We've had a great half-term learning about the rainforest. We've learnt all about the four different layers, the different creatures you can find there and the climate. We have used all of the information we have learnt and written some amazing non-chronological reports. Our artwork has been amazing too and we have spent several weeks creating a rainforest scene using different media. 


In Science, we've all been learning about the human body. The Y4 children have undertaken an investigation into teeth decay and found that juice with lots of sugar in it is just as bad for your teeth as fizzy drinks. Y3 have been learning about the different bones which make up the human skeleton, as well as what the human body needs to stay healthy. 


We can't wait for the next half-term!

The Romans!

We've had a great half-term learning about the Romans. We've learnt all about what they brought to Britain, the amazing roads they built and some of the most influential Romans and Early Britons. We've been inspired by Roman patterns and have made our own printing blocks in Art. 


In Science, the Y3 children have been learning about forces. They had the opportunity to use different magnets and set up different experiments. The Y4 children have been categorising different creatures based on their characteristics. We have written some fantastic stories in English and have been exploring 3 and 4-digit numbers in Maths, as well learning about Roman numerals. 

Watch Out! Invaders About!

We've had a great start to the new year. We've started to make a lovely display for our topic about the Romans. We've created Roman inspired head wreaths and started to think about what the Romans changed in Britain and the similarities and differences between the modern day world and the Roman Empire. We've learnt about how the Romans invaded Britain and their failed attempts, as well as learning all about the way they built roads. We have really enjoyed our first week and a half back and can't wait to learn more!