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Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4!



Teacher: Mr Joshua Simpson

LSA: Mrs Susan Quinn


Summer Term Home Learning

Here you will find the home learning documents which provide work from across the curriculum. The home learning document provides lessons for children with ideas for where to find resources. Where this is the case, the resources section will tell you where you can find them (websites or resources found here in the folder). The folder with resources is there to support with learning (including spellings) and also contains a document with useful websites. Some of the lessons do not require any resources or online links.


(This page will be updated on Tuesday 21.04.2020 with the first home learning pack for the Summer Term and then more will be added every two weeks). 



Fragile Earth 



Our Fragile Earth topic has been wonderful. We have learnt all about the coast and how erosion occurs. We've investigated different coastlines around the UK and learnt facts about different settlements, both rural and urban. In English we have written stories from other cultures and  newspaper articles about strange UFO sightings down at the reservoir. We loved writing the newspaper reports and had fun creating eyewitnesses.  


In Science we have been learning about Living Things and Their Habitats. We have used Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort animals and learnt what invertebrates and invertebrates are. Our artwork has been wonderful too and we have enjoyed experimenting with coastal themed artwork, including coastal collages. We also took part in Online Safety Day and had a wonderful time at the awards assembly. We're a;ready excited about next half-term. 

                                             King Richard III



We've had another brilliant half-term in Y3/4. We have really enjoyed learning lots of facts about King Richard III. In English we have put these facts to good use and written some great biographies and autobiographies. We've also written a fable each with an important message. We were great at making sure our fables included dialogue between characters and a moral of the story. 


In Science we have been learning about Magnets and Electricity and have enjoyed experimenting with the two. Our artwork has been wonderful too and we have enjoyed experimenting with abstract portraits. The Christmas from Outer Space Nativity went very well and we all worked very hard to make the performance a real success. 

The Big Freeze!


We've had a fantastic half-term. We've written some great instructions for how to make a healthy snack and poetry all about the cold Autumn weather. We have enjoyed a wonderful visit to the church where we read our own poems all about harvest. In Maths we've been problem solving and learning to recognise the value of each digit in 3-digit and 4-digit numbers. We've loved learning about solids, liquids and gases and the water cycle in Science and we've enjoyed our French lessons. We also helped to raise some money for the NSPCC by taking part in the Sports Buddy Challenge. We're already looking forward to our new topic after the break!

Welcome to the Big Freeze!


We have had a fantastic start to our time in Y3/4 this week. It has been great to see everyone after the holidays. The children have been working very hard as we've started to explore our new topic. We've been helping Mr Simpson to write a set of instructions after he forgot to include adverbs of time and manner and we have started to learn all about solids, liquids and gases in Science. We can't wait to learn more!


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