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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6!


Teacher: Mr Greg Barton-Harvey 

LSA: Mrs Jacquie Stock


Summer Term Home Learning


Here you will find the home learning documents which provide work from across the curriculum. The home learning document provides lessons for children with ideas for where to find resources. Where this is the case, the resources section will tell you where you can find them (websites or resources found here in the folder). The folder with resources is there to support with learning (including spellings) and also contains a document with useful websites. Some of the lessons do not require any resources or online links.


(This page will be updated on Tuesday 21.04.2020 with the first home learning pack for the Summer Term and then more will be added every two weeks). 

The Ancient Greeks


Wow!  Where has this  half-term gone? Year 6 have been really busy this half-term learning about the Ancient Greeks and their legacy. We have learnt all about how democracy began in Athens thousands of years ago and have made links with how we elect our leaders in the UK in the 21st century. We even held our own elections. We’ve also discovered that the Olympic Games actually began in Ancient Greece. However, the first Olympians would barely recognise today’s modern games!


In science, we have made some amazing discoveries about light. We now know how we see things; how light travels in straight lines; and how shiny objects reflect light. We’ve enjoyed doing lots of experiments.


In January, we had the opportunity to play basketball at the home of the Leicester Riders. We took part in a training session organised by the Riders’ coaches and played some matches against some other schools and we had a 100% record!

                                          The Mighty Mayans 


Wow – what a great term! Year Six have learnt loads of amazing – and gory – facts about the Mighty Mayans. The children have enjoyed writing a Mayan myth, making Mayan hot chocolate, counting using Mayan numbers and making Mayan masks and headdresses. Check out some of our pictures below.


In Science, we have learnt all about classifying living things. The children have learnt all about the Linnaean system. We know why a fox’s scientific name is ‘Vulpes vulpes’. We had great fun making a ‘vertebrates and invertebrates’ board game. The children were a little bit shocked about how many microorganisms are living on their hands. Thankfully, we now know that most microorganisms are not harmful and that many are very useful indeed.


Have a very merry Christmas!



Autumn Half Term One 

Year Six have have made a great start to the new year and made Mr Barton-Harvey feel very welcome at Thornton Primary School. We have discovered lots about the Theory of Evolution and Charles Darwin's voyage of discovery to the Galapagos Islands. What an amazing man! What an amazing place!


We have worked really hard in Maths and made great progress in our Strawberry Jam, Lemon Curd and Chocolate Spread sheets. In lessons, we have been consolidating our understanding of place value and formal written methods for addition and subtraction. We are getting more confident with the long multiplication and short division methods and Year 6 enjoyed raising money for the NSPCC by taking part in the Sports Buddy Challenge.