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Year 5/6


Welcome to Year 5/6!



Teacher: Mr Barton-Harvey 

LSA: Mrs Stock

LSA: Mr Thomas

LSA: Mrs Reynolds 



Teachers: Mrs Hall and Mr Barton-Harvey 

LSA: Mrs Stock

LSA: Mrs Reynolds 

Autumn 2


Year 5 have learnt lots of exciting things this term. In Science we have been learning all about living things and their habitats. Did you know that…

  • Animals can be split into 2 distinct groups – vertebrates and invertebrates?
  • Vertebrates can be further split into 5 sub-groups based on their common features? These sub-groups are: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
  • Amphibians and many types of insects go through metamorphosis – their body completely change as they grow into adults.
  • Jane Goodall is a British Scientist who has studied chimpanzees for over 60 years.


Our topic this term has been Stone Age to Iron Age. We have learnt about Skara Brae - the amazing Iron Age settlement uncovered in the Orkney Islands - and debated how and why Stonehenge was built. We also tried to imagine the horrors of been sent down a mine looking for tin to make bronze.

In PE, we have enjoyed playing tag rugby together. In Art, we have produced lots of amazing work every Wednesday afternoon.


Autumn Two!


We've had a great half-term learning all about 'The Mighty Mayans' in year 6. We've learnt about the Maya people and now know lots of information about their culture, beliefs, religions and what they are famous for. When learning about the Mayan Gods, the children did a great job at producing fact files and then created their own based on their own characteristics. They also produced some fantastic Mayan masks that look brilliant on our topic display! 

In Art, the children finished off their Amazon artwork, inspired by Nick Gustafson, using lots of different textures and layers. They are amazing!


In Science, our topic has been 'Animals Including Humans'. We have been learning about the different animal life cycles and life timelines and also explored how the human body changes as it gets older. 


The children have produced lots of wonderful writing this half-term, including some fantastic poems inspired by Remembrance Day. They were full of emotive language and were very powerful to read.


Well done on another great half-term Year 6! 

Autumn One



Year 5 have had a great half-term. We have been learning all about maps and atlases. We have been finding cities and countries in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Did you know that water in the Northern Hemisphere moves clockwise down the plug hole, but in the Southern Hemisphere it moves anticlockwise? On the equator, the water goes straight down!

In Art, we have enjoyed learning about aboriginal culture. Look at our great artwork. 

In science, we have been discovering what happens in our digestive system. We now know all about saliva, stomach acid and enzymes! It was also a great excuse to eat biscuits in class – all in the name of Science!

Year 6 have had a wonderful half term and have worked so hard! Within our 'Amazing Americas' topic, we have explored the different countries and cities that are found in North and South America and how their landscapes change depending on which climate zone they are situated in. We also learnt all about how to use longitude and latitude to identify the location of different places all over the world. We linked our art work to our topic and looked at the famous Nick Gustafson's Rainforest art. The children explored flora and fauna and applied the techniques he used in their own work.


In Science, we have been learning about how to classify living things based on their characteristics. The children did a great job at sorting a huge group of animals and plants into different classifications and could explain why they had chosen the certain groups very well.


In Maths this half term, we have been working lots on the different arithmetic methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using formal methods. The children have then learnt how to apply these into a problem solving context and are becoming much more confident at tackling those tricky multi-step problems by using a systematic approach! We also did a lot of work on other areas of maths such as place value, Roman numerals and negative numbers.


In English, we have focused on non-fiction texts and the children have written some wonderful biographies all about the famous primatologist Jane Goodall. Using their research, they then wrote some fantastic newspaper articles reporting about her work with chimpanzees - we have some budding journalists! The children were then given the task (by Sir David Attenborough himself) of designing their own zoo! They had to use their imagination to come up with a persuasive leaflet to advertise it, highlighting what made theirs unique!

 The Year 5/6 Mega Bubble!


Welcome back everyone – it’s great to see you all again! Year 5/6 have returned to school with a super attitude. Monday to Wednesday, Year 5 are taught by Mr. Barton-Harvey and Year 6 by Mrs. Hall. Then on Thursday we all come together as the Thornton ‘Mega Bubble!’. We are really lucky to have Mrs. Stock, Mrs. Reynolds and Mr. Thomas working with us this year. This term, Year 5 are learning all about maps and atlases – hope they don’t get lost! In Science, they will learn about the human digestive system – yuck! Year 6 are learning all about the Amazing Americas – howdy partners! In Science, they are exploring living things and their habitats and have been learning how to classify different species based on their characteristics.