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Year 4/5

Welcome to Year 4/5!



Teacher: Miss Jana Steffens

LSA: Mrs Janet Reynolds


Summer Term Home Learning


Here you will find the home learning documents which provide work from across the curriculum. The home learning document provides lessons for children with ideas for where to find resources. Where this is the case, the resources section will tell you where you can find them (websites or resources found here in the folder). The folder with resources is there to support with learning (including spellings) and also contains a document with useful websites. Some of the lessons do not require any resources or online links.


(This page will be updated on Tuesday 21.04.2020 with the first home learning pack for the Summer Term and then more will be added every two weeks). 

Fragile Earth


Our topic ‘Fragile Earth’ has been amazing! We have learnt about settlements and what makes an area a good settlement place. We have thought about and discussed what makes our Earth so fragile, like man-made and natural disasters. This has led us to create some wonderful ‘tsunami’ artwork for which we have used a watercolour resist painting technique.


In English, we have written Newspaper articles about how we could develop land in the area. We have also explored Science-Fiction writing and created our own planet for which we wrote a setting description.


In Design and Technology, we have started making our lighthouses. We have made the structures now after carefully thinking about the design and the purpose. We are excited to give these lighthouses their light as well as decorating them.


In Science, we have explored classification keys and have created our own. We have also looked at different life-cycles. In Computing, we have learnt about Alan Turing and decoding. We decoded messages in Morse Code and also made our own secret code.




Richard III

This term we have learnt all about King Richard III. We have also conducted research about him and the ‘War of Roses’ as well as ‘The Battle of Bosworth’ using the internet. We used this research to write our own biographies and autobiographies. King Richard was also one of the main characters in our dilemma story. We wrote this story using a range of fronted adverbials as well as dialogue. Once finished, we typed up our stories and created a book.


In Art, we have imagined ourselves as royals and created self-portraits, using collage and mixed media. These look great! In Science, we have learnt all about forces and in particular gravity. We learnt more about Sir Isaac Newton and created a fun quiz.

The Big Freeze


Year 4/5 had a brilliant start to the new school year. We have learnt all about the properties of different materials and how their states might change. We investigated whether materials are soluble or insoluble and which changes are reversible and which are irreversible. We have explored mystery stories and started to plan our own. For this, we have already created a setting and a main character.  Year 4/5 are also especially proud of all the lovely artwork we have created so far. What a great term!