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Year 2/3

 Welcome to Year 2/3!


Teacher: Mrs Raja 

Teacher: Miss Ellerton

LSA: Mrs Jones

LSA: Mrs Griffin



Autumn Term 


This term we have spent time exploring the theme 'One Kind Word' as part of anti-bullying week. The children came up with a long list of 'kind' words and we made these words into some large posters for our classroom. The children also made their own individual posters, thinking about acts of kindness like helping each other.


In Science, year 3 enjoyed learning about the human skeleton. We focused on the femur and investigated if the person with the longest femur could jump the furthest! The children measured their femurs and their jumps. Year 2 children have been learning about recycling as part the topic of 'Materials and Their Uses.' We had a good discussion about what objects can be recycled and completed a task to sort objects into the correct recycling groups.

Autumn Term


Year 2/3 have been focusing on the story ‘The Huge Bag of Worries’ by Virginia Ironside. This term they had a special video call from the author where they asked her various questions about the book! The children have had a special visit from a Roman soldier this term! They had fun learning all about what a Roman soldier wore and why they wore it.



Welcome Back!


We've had a great start to our time in year 2/3. We've really enjoyed our start to the new year. Here are some of our amazing self-portraits.