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Year 2

 Welcome to Year 2!


Teacher: Miss Squires 

LSA: Mrs Jones

LSA: Miss Rayment





This half term we have been learning about different explorers from Ibn Battuta, to Christopher Columbus and Matthew Henson (to name a few).


In Science we have been looking at plants and what they need to grow. We have grown our own sunflowers and conducted an experiment by putting plants in different places to test the growing conditions (although it didn't go quite as planned!)


We have written some wonderful alternative endings to a traditional tale, after enjoying the story ‘Little Red Reading Hood’, and written our very own newspaper reports about an alien from the moon being spotted on Earth!


In art, we have been improving our sketching and hatching techniques through drawing things we found in the outdoors and still life objects.

The Gunpowder Plot


It’s been a busy term in Year 2, so much so, that time has flown by. We really enjoyed our first English topic, celebrating with ‘Bold Women in Black History’ such as Florence Joyner, and Simone Biles. The children produced wonderful biographies about Simone and really enjoyed watching her do her ‘thing’ on different pieces of equipment.


We have learnt a lot about the Gunpowder Plot-such as who was the ring leader and what happened after the plot. We also produced a biography on Guy Fawkes. 


In Art, we have been exploring the work of Kandinsky and produced our own versions of the Squares with Concentric Circles. We are working hard on some layered abstract pictures-so check back soon for our photographs!


Autumn Term


The children have really enjoyed our ‘What a Wonderful World!' topic. They know the names of the seven continents through a very catchy song and have explored Europe in more detail. They particularly enjoyed our focus on France and the yummy (and not so yummy) foods they got to taste.


In PE they have played some great games to improve their invasion games skills such as bumper cars, aliens and astronauts and the traffic light game. They have all had the opportunity to dribble with both a football and basketball, practise passing a football and shooting with a basketball. We have some great athletes among us!


Our favourite part of our materials Science topic was our investigation into what would make the best umbrella for Ted. The children tested different materials (felt, foil, net and tissue) in a fair way to see which would make a good umbrella by keeping Ted dry. It was agreed that Ted would be best off with a foil umbrella.

Autumn 1- What a Wonderful World!


Year 2 have had a great start to the new term. So far we have been working on our place value skills and looking at different ways to represent numbers (base 10, Numicon, bead strings). In topic, we have started learning about the seven continents and five oceans of the world. The children have been locating continents on a world map and labelling their own maps. We are starting to explore the 'Fantastics' ready to start using our new writing scheme 'The Write Stuff' on Monday which explores writing through our senses and thoughts. We will share the poems with you once they are finished.