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Year 2

 Welcome to Year 2!


Teacher: Miss Rebecca Squires 



Toy Story- Spring 2

Toy Story- Spring 2 1
Toy Story- Spring 2 2
Toy Story- Spring 2 3
Toy Story- Spring 2 4
Toy Story- Spring 2 5
Toy Story- Spring 2 6
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Toy Story- Spring 2 10

London’s Burning!


I think it’s safe to say this has been the children’s favourite topic so far. We started the topic by looking at famous London landmarks and getting creative with the Lego, before making our own bread like Thomas Farriner did in his bakery.


The amount of knowledge they have gained is evident through the amount of facts they can recall, and how immersed they have been with the topic. The children have ordered the main events from the fire, looked at sources and their reliability and also learnt how London was rebuilt after the fire.


They have produced wonderful recounts and autobiographies based around the Great Fire, and really enjoyed sharing these with other children around school and during our celebration assembly.

The children have continued to learn to play the recorder with Mrs Stock, and are really quite impressive now.

Autumn 2 in Year 2


This half-term we have been basing our learning in literacy around fairy tales with a twist. We started by looking at Golilocks, and exploring different versions of the story. The children particularly enjoyed the story: Goldilocks and Just the One Bear.


One morning when the children had arrived at school, they discovered a crime scene in the classroom. They collected evidence for the police and then made ‘wanted’ posters using descriptive language to try and catch the criminal. We then went on to writing letters to the three bears to help Goldilocks apologise for going into their house.


A few weeks later, the children discovered a beanstalk in our classroom, and we used the story of Jim and the Beanstalk to base our own narratives on. The children’s stories are amazing, showcasing a range of vocabulary and grammar skills we have been practising in our GPS and reading comprehension lessons.


In topic, the children have learnt about the countries of the UK, their capital cities and their flags. We have also looked at physical and human features of our environment which tied in nicely with our science based on microhabitats.


The children enjoyed our PE lessons, playing variations of the game ‘dodgeball’ and have demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and skills within the games.


New Year!

A great first half term in year 2. When we look back over our learning, we can’t believe how much we have got through in six weeks.


In Literacy, we have been working on adding adjectives and similes into our writing to add description and make it more interesting for the reader. The children have written descriptions of a funfair, a character description of a wolf and adapted the story ‘Tadpole Promise’ when writing their own narratives.


In Maths, the children have worked hard on their place value skills and counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10, before moving on to addition and subtraction. They have all been using a number line or an empty number line to add 2-digit and 1-digit numbers, before solving some tricky word problems!


They have produced some wonderful art work this term; from animals made out of fruit and vegetables to African sunsets with silhouettes of their chosen animal.


Not to forget their brilliant recorder playing with Mrs Stock. I hope you enjoyed their tune of 'Mary had a little lamb' in assembly.

Fruit and Vegetable Animals