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Year 1/2

Welcome to Year 1/2!


Teacher: Miss Warrington 

LSA: Mrs Rayment

LSA: Mrs Pearson



Spring and Summer Term


Year 1 really enjoyed their Design and Technology work this term. They learnt how to play ‘Tic Tac Toe’ and practised completing a running stitch. They then planned and made a Tic Tac Toe game using felt and evaluated their designs. 


Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their Design and Technology work this term. First we researched how wheels and axels work. Then we planned a vehicle design which used wheels and axels and built our designs. Finally we evaluated our designs. We think they look great! 


Year 1/2 started French day by researching the Country and it’s capital city. We learnt how to count to 10 and introduce ourselves in French. We learnt the French names for some popular food items and enjoyed croissants with jam! 

Spring Term


Year 1 have been enjoying learning about the art work of J Turner. This term we have been learning about sketching skills and sketching the London skyline whilst listening to classical music.


The Year 2 children really enjoyed our Chinese food tasting this afternoon as part of our 'Let's Go To China' topic. We tried, prawn crackers with chilli and hoisin sauces, vegetable spring rolls, chicken wontons and sesame prawn toast!

Autumn Term 


This term we joined other schools in the county to take part in a virtual rehearsal of the Christmas song ‘Sleigh Ride’.  They all did amazingly well and enjoyed the vocal warm ups! Year 1 enjoyed a Medieval banquet this term to celebrate the end of learning about Kings, Queens and Castles. We had a five course tasting menu of ‘medieval themed food’ and some of the class provided some entertainment in between with their dancing. We even had a surprise visit from a court jester who entertained us all and took the children outside for a game of skittles.


In Science, the Year 2 children were learning about recycling as part of our topic of 'Materials and Their Uses.' We had a good discussion about what objects can be recycled and completed a task to sort objects into the correct recycling groups. We had a lovely trip to the woods in the reservoir this term. We were lucky to have sunny weather and we found lots different coloured leaves, pine cones and fir cones. We also enjoyed spotting the different birds in the water. 


This term we also celebrated the end of our firework poetry unit by having hot chocolate with marshmallows around a virtual fire. Well done! You all wrote lovely poems about Bonfire Night. 

Autumn Term 


This term  Y1/2 had some visitors in the classroom. To end our Science topics ‘Animals Including Humans’, Mrs Bickerstaff brought in her pet tortoise to show the children. We learnt about what ‘Enzo’ the tortoise eats and how she hibernates. We also looked closely at some stick insects and discussed their unusual bodies and how they hide from other animals. We have also been learning about the art work of David Hockney and have started to create our own versions!

Welcome Back!


Year 1/2 have had a great start to the term. This week we pretended to ride on a train through the countryside and through a city and talked about the things we might see along the way, ready to start our English unit around the book ‘The Train Ride’.  We've also enjoyed some Cosmic Kids Yoga!