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Welcome to the Foundation Stage!


Teachers: Mrs Helen Durham 

LSA: Mrs Jo Straw

Curriculum Coverage

                                           Autumn Term One



This term in Reception we have shared the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have used size related vocabulary and pretended to be the characters from the story. The classroom has been covered in porridge oats whilst we have been experimenting with different sized bowls and spoons. We have had lots of fun! The food theme has continued in Reception when we read Oliver's Vegetables. We have had the chance to each jacket potatoes. Yummy! In the classroom we have our own cafe with very articulate chefs and waitresses. Mrs Durham and Mrs Straw have been thoroughly entertained. This term we have also read the story 'Oliver's Fruit Salad.' We have looked at a variety of fruit, found out where it was grown and enjoyed making our own fruit salad. We can't wait for the next half-term!