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Teachers: Mrs Helen Durham 

LSA: Mrs Jo Straw

Curriculum Coverage

Summer Term Home Learning 


Here you will find the home learning documents which provide work from across the curriculum. The home learning document provides lessons for children with ideas for where to find resources. Where this is the case, the resources section will tell you where you can find them.


(This page will be updated on Tuesday 21.04.2020 with the first home learning pack for the Summer Term and then more will be added every two weeks). 

Summer Term Home Learning Resources Pack Four

Summer Term Home Learning Resources Pack Three

Once Upon a Time


The first half of the Spring term in Reception has been busy but lots of fun has taken place. Phonic skills are developing at a fast pace and it’s always rewarding when children begin to read and write independently and for pleasure. This term's topic ‘Once Upon a Time’ has given us the opportunity to read and explore many traditional stories. Our writing and many activities have been based around these tales. For example, making sandwiches for Grandma, building homes for the pigs, writing letters and baking gingerbread men. Role play related to the stories has also been entertaining as we have an incredibly articulate and talented group of children. Everyone particularly enjoyed finding out about the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year. Activities included dragon dancing, making money wallets and lanterns and eating Chinese food with chopsticks.

    Autumn Term Two 



The first term in school can be a steep learning curve for most four year olds.  Despite this, the group settled very quickly and engaged enthusiastically in whatever we put their way.


Our daily phonics sessions are quite intense but lots of fun too.  Progress is rapid and we are now working within Phase Three of Letters and Sounds. During these sessions letter formation, blending and segmenting of sounds, and sight words are all practised. The children are applying their phonic skills to read and write simple words, captions and sentences independently. They are now also writing for a purpose and enjoyment which is always a pleasure to see.


In Maths we have covered a range of areas including number recognition, place value, shape and pattern, measures, time and money. The children are eager to learn new things and have had fun developing their Maths skills through printing, construction, role play and games.


In topic work we have learnt about different Autumn festivals and how they are celebrated. We have demonstrated a portion of our learning in class assemblies. Christmas and the Nativity being the finale.

We have a very imaginative crew who love role play and entertaining. Often the resources we provide in our role play area is determined by their interests, ideas and fascinations.


We have had a fun packed Autumn Term and are looking forward to what the Spring Term will bring.

                                           Autumn Term One



This term in Reception we have shared the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have used size related vocabulary and pretended to be the characters from the story. The classroom has been covered in porridge oats whilst we have been experimenting with different sized bowls and spoons. We have had lots of fun! The food theme has continued in Reception when we read Oliver's Vegetables. We have had the chance to each jacket potatoes. Yummy! In the classroom we have our own cafe with very articulate chefs and waitresses. Mrs Durham and Mrs Straw have been thoroughly entertained. This term we have also read the story 'Oliver's Fruit Salad.' We have looked at a variety of fruit, found out where it was grown and enjoyed making our own fruit salad. We can't wait for the next half-term!