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Welcome to the Foundation Stage!


Teachers: Mrs Helen Durham 

LSA: Mrs Jo Straw

All About Me

The Reception children have made a great start to the Autumn term. They have coped really well with new routines, added responsibilities and staying in school for a whole day. New friendships are forming and everyone is eager to participate in class activities. We are beginning to learn all about ourselves and how we are all unique. The children have enjoyed painting their own portraits to display in the classroom.

A BIG hello to all of next year's Reception children

Below are some pictures of your classroom and the rest of the school.

Here are your teachers.

Mrs Durham
Mrs Straw

Here is your Headteacher.

Mrs Acton

Here is your classroom and playground.

Here is the front of the school and the gate you will walk through every morning.

Here is our lovely school uniform.

You will find your peg with your name on it and here are your toilets.

You pop your things in these trays in the mornings when you arrive.

Please bring a piece of fruit for snack time with your name written on the bag and a water bottle.

A selection of fun activities we do in school (before Covid-19 school closure).