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Welcome to the Foundation Stage!


Teachers: Mrs Helen Durham 

LSA: Mrs Jo Straw

Spring and Summer Term


This term for our Design and Technology work, we explored how chocolate melted when it's warmed, added cornflakes and then made chocolate crispy nests. We also had fun making and testing our own pinwheels.


We have been making the most of the lovely weather and planted our sunflower seeds. We have thought about what we need to do to help them to grow and now have to be patient for a while.


We have enjoyed looking after the chicks this term. In Maths we have been exploring double numbers and counted in 2s. The children counted out beads, moved in 2s on a number line and gave their caterpillars sets of two feet.

Spring Term


There was great excitement this term when we got the climbing apparatus out for PE. We've been fantastic at getting changed independently too. In Maths we have been exploring capacity and using the related vocabulary.  


Our learning this term has been based upon the sotry 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We had fun acting out the story, making puppets, drawing maps of the journey to Grandma's cottage, creating our own cottages and of course making sandwiches to take to Grandma.



Autumn Term


This term we have read the Stickman. We made our own stick people and in maths had fun comparing sizes. We also made chocolate stick people and the class all decided that they would take them home. Sadly our stick people went missing and we had to make 'missing' posters. We went on a hunt for them and I'm pleased to say they have been found all safe and well. This term we have also explored the work of the artist Henri Rousseau. His painting 'A Tiger In A Tropical Storm' inspired us to paint our own tigers. We also shared the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' and wrote lists of items we would need to buy should the tiger visit us for a meal.

Autumn Term


This term we have explored our own little 'cottage industry'. We washed, cooked and pickled our own beetroot. Hygiene rules were adhered to and the jar of beetroot you have was prepared by your own child!  We do hope you enjoy it. We have also looked for signs of Autumn and printed lovely pictures using some of the colourful leaves we found. We shared the story Owl Babies and found out lots of facts about owls. 



What a super start to the Autumn term. It's amazing how quickly children settle into a new environment and routines. Parents you must be very proud! We have made the most of the outdoors and it has been great to see everyone fully engaged in all the different activities. The grown ups have been served endless cups of tea and buns from our class kitchen. 

A BIG hello to all of next year's Reception children

Below are some pictures of your classroom and the rest of the school.

Here are your teachers.

Here is your Headteacher.

Here is your classroom and playground.

Here is the front of the school and the gate you will walk through every morning.

You will find your peg with your name on it and here are your toilets.

You pop your things in these trays in the mornings when you arrive.

Please bring a piece of fruit for snack time with your name written on the bag and a water bottle.