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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6!


Teacher: Mrs Hannah Hall

LSA: Mrs Jacquie Stock


Curriculum Coverage

We've had a great half-term packed full of fantastic things. In Maths we've been learning all of the formal methods used to calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions. We have also explored negative numbers and Roman numerals to 1000.  In English, we have been learning what makes a great piece of persuasive writing. Using what they had learnt, the children then had to persuade someone to visit (or not visit) the rainforest making sure they had included all of the features.


In Art we created some pigeons to commemorate the animals that were used in the war and some aboriginal artwork based on rainforest animals. We've learnt lots of new things about the rainforest, including all about the different layers and what you can find there, before moving onto deforestation. This inspired us to write about the dangers of destroying the rainforest and helped us to learn lots of facts about how it's endangering life and damaging the environment. In PE, we have been practising our indoor athletics and basketball skills and have even done some yoga in the classroom! We also took part in a lovely visit to the church and now we can't wait for the next half-term.


We have had a wonderful start to year 6! We are thoroughly enjoying our new 'Rainforest' topic and have been busy creating our new classroom display. One of our homework projects this half term is to create a 'habitat in a box' and we have already had two amazing ones made! Well done everyone on a great start to the year.