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Year 4/5

Welcome to Year 4/5!



Teacher: Mr Josh Simpson

LSA: Mrs Janet Reynolds

Mrs Anita Beeby

Curriculum Coverage

                                               Woeful WW2


We've had a fantastic time this half-term learning all about the Second World War. We've spent time creating timelines, producing our own versions of propaganda posters and artwork inspired by the terrible Blitz. We've also written a variety of diary entries set during the Blitz and in role as an evacuee. We also enjoyed exploring letter writing and writing letters from evacuees to our loved ones back home. 


In Science, we've been thinking about the human body and learnt all about the heart and how it works. We've started to learn about our solar system and the different planets and we're looking forward to learning more when we come back from the break. 


We're glad that we're carrying this topic on for the rest of the Summer and can't wait to learn more. 








The Vile Victorians



This half term has been fantastic! We’ve been transported back into the Victorian era and had the chance to learn loads of new things about how the Victorians lived, worked and relaxed. We’ve had the chance to learn all about Victorian inventions and compared Victorian and modern day toys. We’ve even had the chance to make our very own Victorian toys. We’ve researched the Industrial Revolution and what it meant, created some lovely pieces of artwork inspired by L.S Lowry and even tested parents with a quiz at our class assembly.


We’ve also had the chance to write play scripts set in the awful workhouse and written diary entries as children working up the chimneys and in the mills. Our fact file pages all about Victorian life have been fantastic. 


Since the half term we've continued to enjoy our Victorian topic. We have written a variety of fiction pieces inspired by Oliver Twist, including persuasive adverts selling Oliver and character descriptions of Fagin. We've continued to explore gravity and air resistance, including an investigation into the best shaped parachute. We've continued to compare Victorian life to our own by exploring houses and by visiting Beaumanor Hall for the day where we got to spend the day as a Victorian! We have also created all of the work for our corridor display, including Victorian inspired silhouettes, L.S Lowry inspired wallpaper and a huge chimney!


Cooking, co-ordinates and more


This half-term we've been as busy as ever! As part of our MasterChef topic, we've had the opportunity to prepare and cook our own healthy spring rolls. Beforehand we wrote our own instructions on how to do so. We made sure that we included imperative verbs, as well as adverbs of time and manner. We also ensured that we included a variety of complex sentence types, including relative and subordinate clauses. We also had a fantastic visit from Co-op who taught us all about the healthy traffic light system on food packaging and how many calories people should be consuming on a daily basis.


In Maths we've been exploring co-ordinates and how to record co-ordinates in all four quadrants. We've also been multiplying and dividing using different written methods. In Art we've explored Pop art and drawn items of food in the style of Pop art. We've also used paint to print our own designs inspired by the Autumnal weather. In Science we've been investigating metal and how metal rusts when it is exposed to water and oxygen.


We've all taken part in a fantastic Christmas Nativity this half-term and we can't wait to explore The Vile Victorians next term. 

Deforestation, Roman numerals and more

We've had a wonderful half-term packed full of exciting things. In Maths we've been rounding to the nearest 10, 000 and 100, 000 as well as looking at numbers beyond one million! We've also been exploring Roman numerals beyond 50 and even up to 1000. In Art we've explored weaving outside and created some lovely rainforest inspired paintings. We've also written some fantastic pieces of extended writing, including setting descriptions and persuasive texts. We've learnt lots of new things about the rainforest, including all about the different layers and what you can find there, before moving onto deforestation. This inspired us to write about the dangers of destroying the rainforest and helped us to learn lots of facts about how it's endangering life and damaging the environment. We took part in a lovely visit to the church and now we can't wait for the next half-term. 




We've had a great return to school and have really enjoyed our rainforest topic so far. During the first week back we had the chance to write about the rainforest, describing what we could hear, smell and see all around us. We also researched a very famous Scientist called Jane Goodall who is well known for her work with chimpanzees. We've also been taking part in football activities for P.E and have been really challenging ourselves in Maths by exploring numbers to at least 1, 000, 000. We're really looking forward to the rest of our topic so please check out our class page for further updates soon!