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Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4!



Teacher: Mr Josh Simpson

LSA: Mrs Kathryn Anderson

Mrs Janet Reynolds



This half term we have been exploring electricity. At the start of the half term we made our own circuits and tested different conductors. We also investigated whether or not we needed more batteries when adding more light bulbs to our circuits. This got us thinking about how we could use the circuits creatively. We decided to mix our electricity work with some of our Design Technology work. After designing and painting our masks, we used the circuits and the light bulbs to make the eyes in our masks light up. We had a great time designing and painting the masks as well as connecting the circuits together. They were very bright but quite scary!

Working with decimals 


This week we've been exploring decimals. We started by rounding numbers with one and two decimal places to the nearest whole number. We've also been comparing decimals and we've used decimal notation to record money!


Can you help me by explaining what I've done wrong?


13.5 rounds up down to 13


88.91 rounds down to 88

Rotten Romans


We've had a wonderful half-term learning all about the Romans. Below are some of the Roman shields we made. What was your favourite part of this half-term? What are you looking forward to learning about next half-term?







Our Roman workshop

Our Roman workshop 1
Our Roman workshop 2

Triathlon PicCollage posters

Triathlon PicCollage posters 1
Triathlon PicCollage posters 2
Triathlon PicCollage posters 3
Triathlon PicCollage posters 4
Triathlon PicCollage posters 5
Triathlon PicCollage posters 6
Triathlon PicCollage posters 7
Triathlon PicCollage posters 8


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