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Year 2

 Welcome to Year 2!


Teacher: Miss Danni Willett

LSA: Mrs Leah Jones



Please find below content from the academic Year 2017-18

Places of worship visit to the Mosque

Science: Habitat hunting at the Reservoir

Maths: Identifying the properties of 3D shapes

Monet Art Work: Sunset in Venice using colour wash and oil pastels | Water Lilies using watercolours

PE Virtual Competition

Junk Model Castle D T Project


Please find below content from the academic Year 2016-17

Year 4/5 invited us to take part in a mystery problem solving booklet they had made based on Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'

End of year paired reading with Year 4/5

Year 2 Class Newsletter - Summer 2017

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Year 2 - Class Newsletter Spring 2017

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World Book Day paired reading

Chinese New Year! On Friday 27th January 2017, years 1 and 2 spent the afternoon learning all about Chinese New Year. We created our own Chinese lanterns and fans, exploring why certain colours and symbols are important to their culture. We then made our own vegetable stir fry. The children did a great job at preparing all of the vegetables and enjoyed tasting their creation.

Class Newsletter Autumn 2 2016

Class Newsletter Autumn 2 2016 1

This week we have been learning all about money. To finish the unit, the children took the role as 'shopkeeper' and 'customer' and had to buy items from the Christmas Grotto. They did a great job of adding the money up and spending it on their chosen items and then giving change to the customers. Well done everyone :)

The children enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day this week and have produced some beautiful poppy paintings in the style of Vincent Van Gogh

Year 2 Class Newsletter - Aut 1 2016

Year 2 Class Newsletter - Aut 1 2016 1

Year 2 Class Newsletter - Autumn 1 2016

Traction Man Saves The Day! Today the children in year 1 and 2 followed the adventures of Traction Man who received an urgent message from his friend Glue Stick who had been kidnapped by the Evil Chair! The children then followed Traction Man's footsteps and discovered poor Glue Stick tied to a tree. The children then went on to produce some wonderful writing about what they had seen. Well done everyone!

The children really enjoyed today's English lesson. They had to explore Traction Man's sink and find the hidden characters. They did a great job of describing the objects and then went on to create their own characters for a new adventure.

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Curriculum Overview – Skills

Curriculum Overview – Skills	 1

Try to knock down the castle by using your number bonds to 10.


Try to guess the 3D shapes by playing this game!


Play this great game to practise reading some important Key Stage 1 words.

There are 15 to have a go at!