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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Teacher: Mrs Katie Williams and Mrs Rachel Eames

LSA: Mrs Alison Cumiskay

Mrs Rosie Scarr



Spring 1 Learning

Spring 1 Learning 1 We have really enjoyed this art project!
Spring 1 Learning 2 Investigating the capacity of containers
Spring 1 Learning 3 A busy Computing session
Spring 1 Learning 4 Art work linked to 'The Tiger Child'
Spring 1 Learning 5 Exploring information books

Zoo lab Monday 18th December

Autumn Term 1 Learning


Please find below content from the academic Year 2016-17

Year 1 Newsletter - Spring 2017

Year 1 Newsletter - Spring 2017

Year 1 Newsletter - Spring 2017 1

Year 1: World Book Day

Year 1: World Book Day 1
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Curriculum Overview – Skills

Curriculum Overview – Skills	 1

Year 1 Clas Newsletter - Autumn 2 2016

Year 1 Clas Newsletter - Autumn 2 2016 1

Year 1 Class Newsletter - Autumn 2016

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World Book Day paired reading

Chinese New Year! On Friday 27th January 2017, years 1 and 2 spent the afternoon learning all about Chinese New Year. We created our own Chinese lanterns and fans, exploring why certain colours and symbols are important to their culture. We then made our own vegetable stir fry. The children did a great job at preparing all of the vegetables and enjoyed tasting their creation.

English: We have been learning about the story of "Laura's Star" by Klaus Baumgart. We have sequenced the story and used speaking and listening actvities to explore the different characters and settings. We have also written some letters to NASA about fallen stars that we found in our playground that we then tried to send home the same way that Laura did in our book!

Cooking: We have been learning how to find a half and a quarter of amounts and shapes. We used this knowledge to make our own pizza's where we have to half or quarter our ingredients.

Art: We have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh's "A Starry Night". We looked carefully at the techniques that he used in his painting and tried to recreate our own!

Traction Man's Thornton adventure!

Adjectives messy activity! We looked in each of the different tubs at what we could see, smell and feel to think of some super adjectives.

Science investigation