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Welcome to the PSFA!

Dear Parents!


The Parent Staff Friends Association is a group of parents-mostly mums (though dads and grand-parents often get dragged in too) and staff who meet regularly and organise events to raise money for the school and therefore benefitting your kids, though often the things we organise are more for fun than raising lots of money-I’m thinking discos and Easter Bingo!

In the past we have raised money to buy the play equipment in the yard, the big musical instruments by the mobile and sand pit as well as a full school kit for sports events, new chairs for the hall and hundreds of pounds worth of equipment, games and toys which has benefitted each class.

Organising these events-especially Santa’s Grotto and the Summer Fayre take a HUGE amount of time and effort, often behind the scenes and rely heavily on the goodwill of the parents and families of the children as well as the staff and especially on the PSFA members who start planning these events months in advance.

We also rely heavily on donations, of gifts, cakes, time to name but a few, in order to make events a success and something you will want to attend. I am happy for you to contact me by email – We’re also on Facebook!

You can also help by donating your time to help, maybe help with a stall at the events, also by speaking to your employers about the possibility of donating an item or service to help the PSFA raise money and of course you are more than welcome to attend our meetings which are either after school (with a crèche), in the pub or at someone’s house (again there is often wine involved), after all, as a parent, you are automatically a member of the PSFA!

I know it must seem that we are constantly asking for donations, but without them we would simply not be able to put on enjoyable events. I

So please, think of us when you’re having a pre-Christmas clear out for possible raffle and tombola prizes, also when you are out and about- there are some fantastic offers in the shops and

supermarkets at the moment, no gift is too big or too small.

Thank you

email –