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Welcome to the Foundation Stage!


Teachers: Mrs Helen Durham & Miss Rebecca Squires

LSA: Mrs Jo Straw

Welcome to Reception Class!


We have started big school!

What a busy half term it has been for us in Reception Class. Starting 'big school' as the children often say, brings with it lots of new routines, faces and names to become familiar with. The weather has been good so this has given us the opportunity to make full use of the outdoor learning environment. We now have daily, active phonics time. In these sessions we have fun learning the sounds that letters make and experimenting with the skills of writing. In Maths we have been looking at number recognition, shape and size. Goldilocks and the Three Bears were very helpful for many of these activities!



We have also explored a range of fruit and vegetables. This has involved preparing, eating and even pickling some! The motto seems to be 'the messier, the better!'